Top Metro Markets to Rent to Millennials in 2015

Apartment Markets to Rent to Millennial’s

Investing in an apartment building can be a very profitable venture – if you find a building for the right price, with good potential cash flow and in a good investment location. If the location is not desirable, it won’t matter if you have the nicest building on the block or offer the most amenities for the lowest rents.

A couple of weeks ago RealtyTrac issued a report on the best markets for buying rental property in 2015 based on fair market rents for the year set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the most recent median home price data from RealtyTrac sales deed data.

The result was an interesting mix of counties at the top of the list: Baltimore City, Maryland (functions as a county) with a nearly 21 percent annual gross rental yield, followed by Richmond City, Virginia (also functions as a county) with a 20 percent annual gross rental yield.

Those two were followed by Philadelphia County, Wyandotte County, Kansas in the Kansas City metro area and Richmond County, Georgia in the Augusta metro area, all three of which had annual gross yields above 15 percent. Among these top five, the county with the biggest increase in millennials was Richmond City, Virginia, where the millennial population swelled 32 percent between 2007 and 2013.

50 Best Markets to Rent to Millennials

What, you may be wondering, about the traditional hipster hot spots like Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle? All of those did have significant increases in the millennial population between 2007 and 2013 ranging from an 82 percent increase in Arlington County, Virginia in the DC area to an 18 percent increase in Kings County, New York (Brooklyn). But the sky-high home prices in those markets means buying single family rentals in 2015 will not generate good rental returns.

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Apartment Tenant Screening Tips

Apartment Tenant Screening Tips

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As a landlord, you must pay attention to several phases in the landlord-tenant relationship. Tenant selection and lease preparation are key, and this article focuses on that aspect.

When meeting a prospective tenant, you should always take an application if you decide you are interested in leasing to the prospect. There are many forms available. The application you use should identify the prospect, his current residence and landlord. It should also question previous rental and landlord history.

There should also be questions about prior landlord tenant and criminal matters, as well as family and nonfamily references, including contact information and banking information. The application should authorize the landlord to vet the information.

All of this information should be checked. There are one-stop services that do credit, criminal and L/T court checks. Use them.

Call the references. Make sure that all information requested is provided. It is in the interest of both parties to see that this is done. If the tenant does not answer certain inquiries, it raises questions. You may charge a fee to do the checks and verify the information in the application.

At the time of execution of the lease, the landlord should collect the first month’s rent and security deposit. The checks tendered should be photocopied, in the event post-lease enforcement is necessary.

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