Supporting Document List For A Commercial Mortgage Purchase

This is the list of supporting documents for the purchase financing of a proposed commercial real estate loan.  

Upon completion of Winston Rowe & Associates initial due diligence review. The financing proposal will be submitted to One or more of our capital sources for consideration and possible financing.

You will be required to complete additional capital sources [lender] forms, applications, documents or additional supporting documents not listed here.

Please review our website concerning submission procedures, policies and services at

Purchase Commercial Loan General Submission Procedures: 

Winston Rowe & Associates and its capital source(s) utilizes a global approach during the due diligence investigation [review].

All files must be submitted electronically via email as an attachment. Named properly.

Incomplete loan files will not be processed.

If there are material misrepresentations made by the client or the client’s representative, the transaction will be terminated.

Borrowers must make themselves available to underwriting to answer questions pursuant to the material facts of the transaction(s).

Document files need to be properly named, with headers within each document identifying contents, date created, property and borrower.

The nomenclature to use for files is [property name, document type, date submitted] for example Property Name – Document Type – Date 

Business Financial Supporting Documents: 

Bank Statements for Proof and Source of Down Payment Funds

Business Profit & Loss 3 Years

Income & Expense Statement 3 Years

36 Months Detailed Business Bank Statements

Debt Schedule

Property Supporting Documents: 

Purchase agreement

Schedule of tenant leases 

Copies of tenant leases 

Property Title

Schedule of Units with Square Foot Per Unit Excel Format 

Schedule of all major improvements to be made with cost breakdown to subject property 

Exterior Photos of Subject Property Photos of Parking Lot, Street view 

Interior Photos of Subject Property

Subject Property Tax Documents with Amounts

Insurance Binder with Annual Costs

12 Months Utilities

Property Income & Expense Statement YTD 12 Months Trailing

Use of Proceeds in an Excel Format for Improvements to Property

Guarantor Supporting Documents: 

4506 (T) executed 

Tri merge credit report from for all investors

Government issued photo ID copy – Front and Back 

Full detail personal and business bank statements YTD for 36 Months YTD

Personal financial statement for all guarantors and investors YTD for 12 Months YTD

3 Years Federal and State Income Tax Returns for all Guarantors and Investors

Articles of Incorporation 

Schedule of Real Estate Owned

Schedule of Corporations / Businesses Owned

Debt Schedule

Winston Rowe & Associates Forms:

You are required to complete the following forms.

This was sent to you as an excel workbook.

Personal Financial Statement

Income & Expense Statement

Real Estate Owned

Businesses / Corporations Owned

Rent Roll

Schedule of Tenant Leases

Improvement to Subject Property

Business Debts to be Consolidated

Debt Schedule