5 Benefits Of Investing In Apartments

Investors, You know the saying, “What is one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” Or something like that…

I guess that is why companies like eBay do so well is because this is true more often than not. But what about those ‘treasures’ that you have, right now, that are collecting dust?

I will give you some of the ‘treasures’ I have that are collecting dust in a BIG, BIG way –

About 4 magazine subscriptions.  I get them in the mail and put them in a pile.  They never seem to move from the pile!

Newspaper subscriptions.  I have a couple of these too that see the recycle bin many days before I read them.

Fitness equipment.  I have a couple pieces of fitness equipment in our exercise room that I have not used in years!  Not even as hangars!

Appliances.  I was fishing around for something to eat over the weekend and found our bread maker. I don’t think we have actually used the bread maker since 1999.

And there is more but I won’t bore you. But, I bet you can relate huh?

But there ARE some treasures that I do like. Treasure investment properties like the apartments projects that I will be getting into here in 2014 and the ones that I currently have.

Benefits of Apartment Investing

The nice thing about apartment investment properties is not only the return of course but all of the other intangibles that never collect dust such as:


Equity Build Up

Income Tax Savings. A lot of it!

IRA/401 (k) Investment Options

 And of course, cash flow

When you think about it apartments like this really work overtime because it is really four or five investments working together as one.Day and Night, Hot or Cold, Spring or Fall.

And when the struggling economy sends out another ‘danger signal’ people will still need a place to live won’t they. Again…an investment working overtime.

So, my goal is to add more investment treasures like these in 2014 to my portfolio and write about them so you can add them to your treasure chest as well.

Let’s focus on investments that won’t collect any dust.  Get rid of those!

And be motivated to get out of those investment that you now have that you know have been collecting dust – sometimes for years. Investors be aware it takes cash flow and net worth improvements to get you where you want to be financially.

Not dust!

So, stay with me and get all that dust out of your life – once and for all!

Apartments are continuing to be the best investment alternative for many investors – even in a dusty economy!

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