Hard Money Loans For Rental Property – No Upfront Fees

Hard Money Loans For Rental Property

America is on sale, with some real estate prices down 50%, or more, in certain California markets.

This coupled with historically low interest rates, has created an unprecedented buying opportunity for investment in apartments and rental properties.

Despite this attractive environment, acquiring real estate has become expensive and time consuming.

Many traditional banks have changed underwriting guidelines or are not lending at all, due to the financial crisis.

This leaves many would be real estate investors asking themselves the question, “How do I maximize the cash I have?” and “Close fast?” This has created a new demand for creative real estate investment financing.

The need for alternative sources of capital in the commercial real estate industry has never been greater.

Winston Rowe & Associates is a capital source that provides flexible, reliable and timely solutions for owners of commercial real estate nationwide, without the usual upfront or advance fees.

Non Owner Occupied Rental Homes:

No upfront or advance fees

Loan amounts starting at $250,000. with no upper limit

Low hard money rates

Close in weeks, not months

Multifamily & Apartment Buildings:

Loan amounts starting at $500,000. through $50,000,000.

CMBS, Low Cost Hard Money and High Bread Solutions

Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession Financing

Fast Bridge Loans that close in a few weeks

All of Winston Rowe & Associates apartment building and rental home portfolio financing solutions are offered at competitive rates, so owners and investors can spend less on interest and fees and turn an even bigger profit from their investments.

When speed and experience are important and crucial to your real estate investing success, contact Winston Rowe & Associates, a principal is always available to speak with prospective clients.

They can be contacted at 248-246-2243

Commercial Property Rehab Loans – No Upfront Fees

Refinance Commercial Mortgage Loans

Winston Rowe & Associates has a new commercial real estate bridge loan program for the rehabilitation of apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, self storage, mixed use retail centers and industrial properties.

This program is one of the most aggressive bridge financing programs in the industry, with almost 100% of the improvements financed if needed and the commercial property can be non-stabilized.

The ensuing are the parameters.

No upfront or advance fees

Capital deployment is Five Million Dollars and up

Interest rates starting at Six Percent

The loan to value must be 65% of initial purchase price

What make this bridge loan program so competitive is that it will go to 90% of the cost of rehabilitation or the property improvement plan.